• On the evening of April 15th, IAASARS hosted a virtual tour of Kryoneri Observatory, which included live viewing of the Moon through the 1.2 meter telescope, a presentation of the facilities and the lunar monitoring research program NELIOTA. We were honored to have Mr. Christos Dimas (Deputy Minister of Research and Technology) and Mr. Anastasios Gkiolas (Vice-governor of the Peloponnese region) participate and discuss the recently approved government funding for Kryoneri Observatory, which will enable the construction of a visitor center. The tour was streamed live on youtube and is available at this link [April 27 2021]

  • On July 20th, the National Observatory of Athens and the Youth Cultural Society of Kryoneri hosted an open night at Kryoneri Observatory. Over 300 people attended the event, which included a tour of the 1.2m Kryoneri telescope, viewing of the Moon, planets and other celestial objects through telescopes set up by amateur astronomers, and talks by Ms. Spetsieri on stars and their evolution and by Dr. Dapergolas on the Kryoneri telescope. [September 8 2019]