Current projects

 The following long term major projects are taking place using the facilities of Kryoneri Observatory.


NELIOTA is a new European Space Agency (ESA) activity launched at the National Observatory of Athens in February, 2015.

The project involves upgrading the 1.2m Kryoneri telescope at the National Observatory of Athens, procuring two fast-frame cameras, and developing a software system, which will control the telescope and the cameras, process the images and automatically detect NEO impacts.

The 1.2m Kryoneri telescope will be capable of detecting flashes much fainter than current, small-aperture, lunar monitoring telescopes. NELIOTA is therefore expected to characterize the frequency and distribution of NEOs weighing as little as a few grams.

The NELIOTA project was presented at IAU 318 (Hawaii, USA; August 2015) and SPIE 9911 (Edinburgh, UK; June 2016).


The Manchester-Athens Wide-Field (Narrow-Band) Camera : A Deep Sky-Survey of the Extensive Line Emission Regions at High Galactic Latitudes” or MAWFC is being commissioned at Kryoneri observatory. It aims to condut a deep survey of the northern sky in the Hα, Hβ and [OIII] filters, with an angular resolution of ∼1 arcmin. This project has received funding from a GSRT Aristeia II grant and KRIPIS.



Future projects

We are looking forward to establishing new scientific collaborations using our facilities at Kryoneri Observatory. Observing time and logistics support is awarded in the context of Directors Discretionary Time. Interested parties may contact the Director of IAASARS.