Image: Dr. A. Liakos


The Manual contains all essential information for the observers to make full use of the various systems. It includes descriptions of the telescope, the autoguiding system, the camera selection system, the fast frame imager system and the science CCD Camera) as well as the system functions, capabilities, modes of operation, and step-by-step procedures for access and use.

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    Image: Dr. A. Liakos

    “The earth revolves about the sun in the circumference of a circle, the sun lying in the middle of the orbit, and the sphere of the fixed stars, situated about the same center as the sun, is so great that the circular orbit of the earth is as small as a point compared with that sphere .”

    Aristarchus of Samos , c. 270 BCE

    Access to Kryoneri Observatory

    Official visitors and observers are kindly asked to contact NOA before their arrival in order to arrange for their transportation to the Observatory.



    Between November and May the site is usually covered by snow and is accessible through the nearby ski lift and track.

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